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Tim’s Rusty Roof at Bulimba

This job was commissioned by the tenant. The roof was pressure cleaned to remove flaky paint and contaminants. One coat of GI 962 Primer and one coat of Infracool Cool Roof Commercial White were applied thickly. The solar panels on the roof were covered with plastic sheeting to prevent over-spraying. Tim did not mention before […]


First we pressure cleaned the roof to remove all mould fungi and contaminants. Then we repoint ridge capping and replace broken or damaged tiles where necessary. There are two different surfaces on this roof… tiles and corrugated iron. A different primer is required for each surface. The grey paint is the primer and the top […]

Karen at Hawthorne

We pressure cleaned the grey corrugated iron roof to remove the surface contaminants. We wire brushed the light rusty areas and applied a spot prime with Dulux Luxaprimer Zinc Phosphate. Then we applied GI 962 Primer. The top coat was Infracool Cool Roof Commercial White Roofing membrane. All fibre cement walls were lightly sanded and Selleys No More […]

Meriton Units Gold Coast

These were units on the Gold Coast. The black laminated GLASS roof was too hot to sit under and relax with friends for a quiet drink. It also leaked when it rained especially after the recent storms. The roof was pressure cleaned. A special glass primer was required (grey colour). An extra primer (GI 962 Membrane Primer) was […]

House at Birkdale

These first two photos have been taken before the roof restoration of this house at Birkdale. The ridge capping needed to be repointed in places. Scott Downing from The Cool Roof was the professional who restored this roof. To restore to as-new condition Scott applied one coat of solvent based primer to seal the tiles and form a base coat […]

House at Cleveland

Scott Downing Painting Services painted this 930 sq.metre house inside and out at Lighthouse in Cleveland. The house was built by Healy Homes for John and Karen Cash. The colours are half strength Lexicon inside and out using Dulux Premium Paint. There is also this scene of from the house towards the sea.

Roof Restoration at Wellington Point

Roslyn and Robert’s  faded Colourbond roof was pressure cleaned as the first part of our roof restoration process Most of the Colourbond colour has come off after the cleaners did their job. Colourbond colours are just car paint, without any maintenance your roof will fade and lose its colour. Then we applied one coat of […]

House At Brookvale Golf Course

Scott Downing from The Cool Roof specialises in Roof Restoration Repointing Replacing broken or cracked tiles and also sheeting Painting with Heat Reflective Paint to reduce inside temperatures Scott restored the roof and improved the colour from faded Blue to Colour Bond Surf Mist using Coolroof Heat Reflective Roofing Membrane The result is a very […]

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