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Roof Repairs

The roof of your home provides safety and security for you and your family. It can easily become damaged by storms, tree branches or other debris landing on the roof and even age Hail can crack tiles and chip the paint on metal roofing allowing rust to set in. In severe storms the roof can […]

White Roof

This is another white metal roof that Scott from The Cool Roof was asked to pressure clean and paint with Dulux Heat Reflective Roof Membrane. For the owners it is now cooler inside and they have reduced power bills. s 

Stradbroke Island

Metal Roof on Stradbroke Island Scott Downing from The Cool Roof was asked to clean this metal roof on Stradbroke Island. He also replaced all the Hex Head screws and painted the roof with primer then applied two top coats of Colourbond Surfmist 

Nim and Allen’s House at Cleveland

The roof has been restored and the outside of the house painted. We pressure cleaned the roof, replaced broken and damaged tiles. There were water problems so we applied Valley Seal in the valleys. Then applied primer. The roof was sprayed with three coats of Infracool Cool Roof Commercial White. Three coats were requested by owner […]

Jeff and Gails House

Repainted Jeff and Gail’s house 7 years later to look after their investment. After 7 years  dirt and dust started appearing in the walls of Jeff and Gail’s  house. This is simply caused by rain and wind on any exposed surfaces. They wanted to restore it to the as new condition we accomplished 7 years […]

Custom Built Houses in Cleveland

Custom built houses, rendering we do it all. Our Associate had to repair some rendering surfaces which showed cracking due to movement. We are repainting the render after 7 years with 968 Impact Paint to help fill the cracks in the render caused by the house moving This house was a challenge with the scaffolding because the […]

Ken’s Roof at Eight Mile Plains

After pressure cleaning the roof, the ridge capping and pointing were repaired. Broken tiles were replaced and then one coat of water based primer applied. Here the Ridge Capping end Rile was raised, allowing water into the eaves which caused mould. The mould was removed prior to painting Then two coats of Infracool Cool Roof roofing membrane […]

Steve’s House at Cleveland

Steve in Cleveland has a newly painted, insulated, colourbond roof Surfmist is the colour. The previous paint was peeling off the roof. A good pressure clean removed all loose flaky paint. One Coat of GI 962 Primer was applied.Then two coats of Infracool CoolRoof Surf Mist were sprayed on. The Solar Hot Water Panels and the Skylights were taped with […]

Jack’s House on Wheels

Jacks house on wheels is now eight degrees cooler No more headaches. The roof and the top part of the sides were given a light sand to remove loose flaky paint. One coat of GI 962 Primer and two quick top coats of Infracool Cool Roof Commercial White paint were applied. The coverage was the roof and the top […]

Cleveland Cooler Roof in Charcoal

John asked us to repaint roof in Cool Roof Charcoal and also repaint walls gutters and fascia The exterior walls were also painted with 968 Impact Paint which also lowers internal temperature and fills cracks in old render. John was very pleased with the result. Friends who visited over Christmas were amazed at how much cooler the […]

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