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Author : Jeff

Bad Ridge Capping

Leaking Roof Repair This is the roof before repair. The ridge capping had bad cracks which allowed rainwater to enter the house below. After Repair After we have repaired the ridge capping, we repainted with new colour

Fitness Gym Underwood

Roof on Fitness Gym at Underwood First of all we pressure cleaned the roof and treated the rusty surfaces with our special primer First coat GI Primer completely finished. Ready to start Top Coat tomorrow. Spray boards put in box gutters so we don’t spray First Top Coat completed Thank you trees. Because of your […]

Roof Repairs

The roof of your home provides safety and security for you and your family. It can easily become damaged by storms, tree branches or other debris landing on the roof and even age Hail can crack tiles and chip the paint on metal roofing allowing rust to set in. In severe storms the roof can […]

Dulux Accredited Partner

Scott Downing is a Dulux Accredited Partner. Partnerships with Dulux are by invitation only and only offered to painters of the highest integrity. They focus on excellence in their work and client satisfaction. Adherence to health and safety legislation is a must. You can be assured everything is done in a professional manner from quotation […]

Causes of Mould on Roof

White or light coloured roofs are generally cooler than darker roofs. This is a major reason for people choosing lighter colours. But the problem with lighter roofs is that dew will condense more readily on the roof and the roof will stay damp for longer periods. Damp roofs encourage fungal growth. Dust and soot will […]

Tim’s Rusty Roof at Bulimba

This job was commissioned by the tenant. The roof was pressure cleaned to remove flaky paint and contaminants. One coat of GI 962 Primer and one coat of Infracool Cool Roof Commercial White were applied thickly. The solar panels on the roof were covered with plastic sheeting to prevent over-spraying. Tim did not mention before […]

Len and Kates Shed at Maclean

Pressure clean roof and walls. The surface is Trimdeck. Apply one coat of GI 962 Primer to roof and walls. Then apply two coats of Infracool Cool Roof Commercial White to roof and Classic Cream to walls. Len and Kate cannot believe how much cooler this previous hot box has become.


First we pressure cleaned the roof to remove all mould fungi and contaminants. Then we repoint ridge capping and replace broken or damaged tiles where necessary. There are two different surfaces on this roof… tiles and corrugated iron. A different primer is required for each surface. The grey paint is the primer and the top […]

Karen at Hawthorne

We pressure cleaned the grey corrugated iron roof to remove the surface contaminants. We wire brushed the light rusty areas and applied a spot prime with Dulux Luxaprimer Zinc Phosphate. Then we applied GI 962 Primer. The top coat was Infracool Cool Roof Commercial White Roofing membrane. All fibre cement walls were lightly sanded and Selleys No More […]

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