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Fitness Gym Underwood

Roof on Fitness Gym at Underwood First of all we pressure cleaned the roof and treated the rusty surfaces with our special primer First coat GI Primer completely finished. Ready to start Top Coat tomorrow. Spray boards put in box gutters so we don’t spray First Top Coat completed Thank you trees. Because of your […]

Roof Repairs

The roof of your home provides safety and security for you and your family. It can easily become damaged by storms, tree branches or other debris landing on the roof and even age Hail can crack tiles and chip the paint on metal roofing allowing rust to set in. In severe storms the roof can […]


Scott is a member of Rotary International According to Wikipedia Rotary International is an international service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. 

White Roof

This is another white metal roof that Scott from The Cool Roof was asked to pressure clean and paint with Dulux Heat Reflective Roof Membrane. For the owners it is now cooler inside and they have reduced power bills. s 

Stephanies Day Spa

Scott from The Cool Roof applied a fresh coat of white Dulux Reflective Roofing Membrane. This will make it a lot cooler inside for Stephanie and her clients   . The Cool Roof at Stephanies’ Spa Scott Painting Stephanies’ Roof Stephanies’ Spa Roof

Causes of Mould on Roof

White or light coloured roofs are generally cooler than darker roofs. This is a major reason for people choosing lighter colours. But the problem with lighter roofs is that dew will condense more readily on the roof and the roof will stay damp for longer periods. Damp roofs encourage fungal growth. Dust and soot will […]

Stradbroke Island

Metal Roof on Stradbroke Island Scott Downing from The Cool Roof was asked to clean this metal roof on Stradbroke Island. He also replaced all the Hex Head screws and painted the roof with primer then applied two top coats of Colourbond Surfmist 

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson At Caboolture Gold Club Jeff Thompson, Australia’s great fast bowler was special celebrity guest at a recent competition at Caboolture Golf Club that was sponsored by The Cool Roof . 

Level 5 Liquid Plaster

Level 5 Liquid Plaster is now a premier product of Scott Downing. Many Builders are now requesting this type of painting finish to produce a superior quality to their clients This is the preparation work for our Level 5 Liquid Plaster Prep Coat Plus is a Liquid Plaster. We spray three coats on ceilings for […]

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