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Metal Roofs

Metal Roof

Roof Restoration for Metal Roofs

Metal roofing come in different forms

It can be Galvanised, Zincalume or precoated metal.

The colours will fade after years of exposure to the wind,rain and sun. The paint may become powdery and the powder wash away in the rain and wind.

Rust may begin to appear

It all adds up to deterioration in the appearance of the roof of your home.

What can you do about it?

You could get a new roof….. but this is expensive and you would still have a sizzling hot roof

or you could call Scott at The Cool Roof.

You would then

Improve the appearance of your roof

Your house would be much cooler

You would save $$$ big time

Scott would inspect your roof for any damage.

and also

  • remove any rust with a wire brush.
  • replace any roofing sheets which were too damaged.
  • pressure clean the roof in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • apply Zinc phosphate to combat the remaining rust
  • apply a GI metal primer (the appropriate one for your type of roof
  • apply Dulux® InfraCOOL™ paint ( in the colour of your choice).

This would improve the appearance of the roof of your home and also reflect most of the School roof after Cool Roofsun’s UV rays which are the main cause of the heat build up in your home in Brisbane’s  extreme heat conditions.

Less heat in your home means less cooling costs to you….. more big savings

Call Scott NOW on 0416064942

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