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Jeff and Gails House

Exterior Painting

Repainted Jeff and Gail’s house 7 years later to look after their investment.

After 7 years  dirt and dust started appearing in the walls of Jeff and Gail’s  house. This is simply caused by rain and wind on any exposed surfaces.

They wanted to restore it to the as new condition we accomplished 7 years ago.

Pressure Cleaned

We pressure cleaned the outside wall and fence to remove all surface contaminants.

Cracks Repaired

A few cracks had appeared in the house. This is usually caused by natural ground movement of expansion and contraction,  which occurs between rain and drought seasons. No real problem but can look unsightly.  We repaired the cracks in a way they would no longer be noticeable.

exterior painting

The Best Exterior House Paint

We applied 2 coats of 955 AcraShield. AcraShield is twice the thickness of conventional paints and is recommended for use over cracks . It will remain the same  when the underlying surfaces expand and contract.

AcraShield also has the benefit where dirt and dust can be hosed off regularly preventing any build up.

Dulux Parner
Jeff and Gails House
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