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The Cool Roof Van

House at Brookvale Golf Course

Scott Downing from The Cool Roof specialises in

  • Roof Restoration
  • Repointing
  • Replacing broken or cracked tiles and also sheeting
  • Painting with Heat Reflective Paint to reduce inside temperatures

Scott restored the roof and improved the colour from faded Blue to Colour Bond Surf Mist using Coolroof Heat Reflective Roofing Membrane

The result is a very attractive roof and much cooler temperatures inside





Roof Restoration In Wellington Point

The Cool RoofRoslyn and Robert’s white faded Colourbond roof was pressure cleaned as the first part of our roof restoration process

Most of the white Colourbond colour has come off Roof Restorationafter the cleaners did their job.




Colourbond Rood Restoration





Colourbond colours are just car paint, without any maintenance your roof will fade and lose its colour.





Then we applied one coat of Gi metal primer.Roof Restoration Wellington Point






Then two coats of Cool Roof Commercial White Roofing Membrane for maximum TSR (Total Solar Reflection).

Safety harness was worn for safety reasons,



We apply one coat of top coat per dayRoof Restoration Wellington Point







Colourbonf Roof RestorationThis allows the roofing membrane to dry properly,

The Cool Roof Sponsors Junior Golf

The Hills Golf Academy

Scott Downing from The Cool Roof sponsored the Hills Australian Junior Championship which was run by The Hills Golf Academy and Hills Educational Foundation.

The Cool Roof

MulgraveHill812152The Cool Roof

The Cool Roof has been providing ongoing support for junior golf for some time now and it is wonderful how these young people are advancing in their golfing prowess at each eventScott Downing Relaxes