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The Technology

The Problem(s)

  • Weathered galvanised and dark coloured roofs absorb massive amounts of solar radiation, which in turn transmit heat into the areas of the house where you live and sleep.
  • Roofs are ‘solar radiators’ – 93% of a building’s heat gain is from the sun’s rays converted into heat after being absorbed by the roof. Only 7% is heat gain comes from convection and conduction (ie air temperature and direct contact). This means if you can cool the roof you can make the inside of the house much cooler
  • Painting roofs a light colour only solves some of the problem, since over 50% of the sun’s energy in the form of sunlight is invisible infrared light, which is not reflected by light colours. The heat reflection that is built in to Dulux InfraCOOL™ Roof Paints take care of much of this infrared light energy
  • The term ‘heat island’ describes built up areas – cities – that are hotter than nearby rural areas: the annual mean air temperature of a city with 1 million people or more can be 1-3º C warmer than its surroundings and in the evening the difference can be as high as 12º C as absorbed heat is released back into the atmosphere as the temperature cools. Heat islands can increase summertime peak energy demand, air conditioning costs, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Solution

InfraCOOL™ Technology by Dulux® reflects more of the sun’s light energy by working beyond the visible light spectrum to maximise reflection of the sun’s invisible infrared rays.

  • Total solar reflection – InfraCOOL™focuses on reflecting the infrared light (which is over 50% of the sun’s total light energy) so that even dark roof colours can be made cooler.
  • Reflecting heat before it can be absorbed – InfraCOOL™ reflects heat before surfaces superheat and capture heat load, better than insulation which deals with heat load ‘after the event’.
  • Large surface areas – roofs capture enormous amounts of the sun’s energy due to their large surface area and angle of exposure, so InfraCOOL™ treated roofs offer maximum cooling and energy efficiency.
  • Cool Roof White – Dulux® Cool Roof White reflects over 90% of the sun’s total light energy by maximising reflection of both the visible and invisible light spectrum.

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