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House At Cleveland

Scott Downing Painting Services

is painting this 930 sq.metre house inside and out at Lighthouse in Cleveland.
The house was built by Healy Homes for John and Karen Cash.

The colours are half strength Lexicon inside and out using Dulux Premium Paint.

The scene of from the house towards the sea

Golf House adj

The House At Cleveland is nearing completion.

House At Birkdale

These top two photos have been taken before the roof restoration of this house at Birkdale. The ridge capping needed to be repointed in places.

Scott Downing from The Cool Roof was the professional who restored this roof.

To restore this roof to as-new condition Scott applied one coat of solvent based primer to seal the tiles and form a base coat for the final painting.


Scottt then applied two coats of Dark Terracotta Roofing Membrane.

The owners were wise to have this done before the summer heat arrives.



Hills International Golf Course

This is the Pro Shop before Scott worked his magic.

This is the Pro Shop and Clubhouse.

Scott is here applying one coat of clear based primer to prepare the surface before application of the final coats.

Scott is applying two coats of Surf Mist Heat Reflective Membrane.

This is the finished product.

Members and guests appreciate the cool roof and can enjoy their meals and drinks even in the hot Queensland summer season.

Scott Downing from The Cool Roof is now one of the sponsors of the Junior Golf Tournaments at Hills International Golf Course