Join the thousands of home and business owners in Queensland who have cooled down and cut their power bills by getting a cool roof.

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What our customers say…

“…at least 5 degrees cooler. It’s going to be a pleasure in my home without the high electricity bills” Diane, Calamvale

“It is just so cool, it is at least 10 degrees cooler” Christine, Park Ridge South

“…our commercial building [is] at least 5-7 degrees cooler on a 36 degree day” Peter McCallum, Lippway Pty Ltd

If your home or commercial building gets hot and your power bills increase dramatically in the summer months, treating your roof with the reflective coating technology developed by industry leader Dulux®** can reduce roof temperatures by 20C-40C, in turn reducing interior temperatures.

Lower inside temperature…


*We’re so confident that you’ll see a reduction in interior temperatures after we treat your roof, we’re prepared to guarantee it. Click here for details.

Where to from here…

We would be delighted to conduct a free, no obligation assessment of your building/s. Please call us on 07 3103 2952, or contact us via this form, and we will arrange to visit you on site.

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 The Main Benefits

A properly treated roof will reflect solar radiation and minimise heat penetration, which in the process lowers your carbon footprint and reduces your cooling costs.

The Cool Roof is a Registered Dulux® CoolRoof Commercial Installer and services all areas in Queensland.

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*some terms & conditions apply
**The Cool Roof uses Dulux® infraCOOL® technology

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